Grilled leg of lamb

The Collingswood Farmers’ Market now has a lamb vendor.  Headquarters Farm owned by Roger Byrom is located in Stockton NJ.

An article published in states : “Headquarters Farm is a stunning historic property with the Neshanic River running through it. The farm, built in the mid-1700’s, is home to a flock of sheep cross-bred over the years to create the Headquarters Farm Romney/Romeldale/Jacob breed which are raised for meat production and sheepskin byproducts. Byrom raises and finishes his sheep and lambs on grass, as was customary during the time the farm was founded in the 18th century. He also rents out his flock to solar farms to provide a sustainable mowing service and for invasive plant species control. Roger sells his meats and sheep skin byproducts directly to the consumer at several local markets.”  Including, now, Collingswood Farmers’ Market…every other week.

You can see and “like” the farm’s Facebook page here: Headquarters Farm Facebook page.

My daughters and I walked to the end of the market and quickly found Roger Byrom’s stand.  It was adorned with lamb skins and slippers and a large cooler full of frozen lamb meat.

One of my daughters bought slippers and ground lamb.  The other bought lamb cubes.  And I bought a leg of lamb for my husband to grill/smoke.  Roger assured me that it was a small leg…he showed me the large for comparison!

small leg of lamb
olive oil for marinating and basting.
spices for dry rub (including…white onion, black pepper, lemon peel, salt, French thyme, roasted granulated garlic, Greek oregano, spearmint) Your preference.
small chuck of a mild wood for smoke in the grill (we used cherry)

1.  After thawing the lamb, rub with olive oil and throughly cover with the dry rub spices you prefer (mint, oregano, garlic, rosemary…)  Put in the refrigerator for several hours, or better, overnight.

2.  Set the fire in the grill with a hot and cold area.  The leg will be roasted on the cold side of the grill.  Put the meat on the grill.  Put the lid on.  And monitor the temperatures of the grill and the meat.

3. The whole cook took only about 3 hours.  The “oven” temperature of the grill was a steady 230 degrees Fahrenheit.  Low and slow is a must when cooking lamb.  Lamb is extremely lean and will dry out and be tough if overcooked.  The meat easily rose to 140 degrees and was taken off to rest for about 40 minutes.

Serve with your favorite side dishes.  To accompany our grilled lamb we ate zucchini and white beans sautéed with olive oil and thyme.

Roger Byrom is the man to talk with if you love lamb….he sells a variety of different cuts and gives very good advice as to how to cook this new meat offering at Collingswood.



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