Beef filet mignon with maitake mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are also called “hen of the woods”.  They have a funny name and they are funny looking.  They are to be fried when cooked and make a wonderful paring with steak.   We love them with a filet mignon.IMG_8945

This is a simple, delicious, and very special meal.

At the Collingswood Farmers’ Market we are fortunate enough to have, every week, Davidson’s Mushrooms from Kennett Square PA (THE MUSHROOM CAPITAL OF THE UNIVERSE!). Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms are at the end of the market and they sell over a half dozen different variety of very fresh mushrooms.

1 small maitake mushroom
2 grass fed beef filet mignon
2 tablespoons butter

1. Put a skillet on a burner on the stove at medium to medium high temperature and melt the butter.
2. Tear the mushroom apart.  Be aware of the root (a small rough piece) and discard it.

3.  Toss the mushroom pieces into the skillet and fry until brown and crispy. Stir frequently.   Do not burn!
4.  Cut the filets in half across the width and dry on paper towels.IMG_8967
5.  When the mushrooms are brown and crispy take them out of the skillet and put aside.  6.  Sprinkle the filet lightly with salt.  Place the filet salt side down in the skillet.  Fry in the butter that is left in the pan for about three minutes.  Turn over and fry another two minutes.  The steaks will be rare to medium rare.  Fry another minute for more doneness if desired.

6.  When the steak is done, remove to a serving plate. Top with the fried mushrooms.  And serve with favorite sides.


Maitake mushrooms from Davidsons Exotic Mushrooms

Filet mignon from Hillacres Pride

Butter from Hillacres Pride (research shows that grass fed beef is best cooked in butter, not oil)

Potatoes from Muth Family Organic Farm

Green beans, tomatoes, onions from A.T. Buzby Farm (from my CSA share!)

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