End of summer succotash

Believe it or not this long weird-weather summer is coming to a close.  The produce is changing at The Collingswood Farmers’ Market.  Apples are here.  Winter squash is popping up.  And baskets of lima beans made their first appearance at A.T. Buzby’s table this weekend!

I am fortunate to have a grandson who enjoys cleaning lima beans.  He has fun opening the pods and popping the beans into a bowl.  Lucky for me!

What follows is a simple recipe for making succotash.  The recipe uses corn, lima beans, tomatoes, and butter.  It’s easily assembled …with help shucking the corn (husband!) and shelling the lima beans (grandson)… and easily cooked.  One pot does it all and all at once.

Fresh corn (your ratios can differ…I used 4 ears of corn and a 1/2 cup of lima beans)
lima beans
2 small tomatoes (I used San Marzano plum tomatoes)
4 tablespoons butter (as I used sweet butter I added salt to my taste right before serving)

1.  Melt butter in a pan
2.  Drop in chopped tomatoes following by corn and lima beans

3.  Let them cook in the melted butter for about five minutes.  Put a lid on the pot and cook at least five minutes more.  Check lima beans for doneness.  They should be soft, but not mush.

That’s it! Beautiful, simple, and delicious!



Lima beans from A. T. Buzby
Corn from A. T. Buzby CSA share
San Marzano tomatoes from Muth Organic Farm
Butter from Hillacres Pride

Corn and tomatoes are plentiful and can be found throughout the market.


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