Smoked Boston Butt hash (for two)

A few years ago my husband cracked the code with regard to grilling.  Pay attention!  That was it.  He realized that if you pay attention while grilling, the meat doesn’t burn on the outside while remaining raw on the inside.  Simple.  Pay attention.

Because of his new found technique we enjoyed a few summers of delicious chops, chicken, steaks, and burgers.

Last year he bought an apparatus that is added to the grill that allows for slow cooking and some smoking.  Delicious!  The combination of paying attention and a new grill with attachments made for some very delicious food!

So.  This year he decided that he wanted a smoker.  A real designated smoker.  Birthday is fast approaching.  What does one get the man who has everything?  A smoker.  Of course.

Last weekend was a beautiful weekend here.  The weather was perfect to do the first “smoke”. Pork.  Boneless Boston butt.

So in a few photos here is the roast which became our first smoke.  As you see.  Perfect.  Beautiful bark.  Moist.  Delicious!

But here’s the rub.  No pun intended.  Because we are just two in our giant empty nest, I buy small hunks of meat (I buy my meats from a company named Hillacres Pride, Landsdowne, PA.  Grass fed and pasture raised…always wonderful)!  While the pile of pulled pork was more than we could finish at one sitting, it was not enough to provide for another complete meal. What to do?


Hash is all about the leftovers.

Thus was born Smoked Boston Butt Pulled Pork Hash (for two).


1 small onion, or 1 leek, or 1medium shallot, diced small.  (I used a leek)
2 medium mushrooms, diced
2 medium or 4 small potatoes, cut into cubes
1 to 2 cups of leftover smoked Boston butt, cut into cubes to match the potatoes.IMG_7986


  1.  Peel and cut the potatoes and steam them until a knife goes in, but not all the way.  They will cook more in the skillet with the meat and vegetables.IMG_7984
  2. Melt butter in a skillet and start the onion sautéing.  Add the mushrooms.  Stir and cook over medium heat.IMG_7983
  3. Toss in potatoes and start to brown them on the outside.IMG_7988
  4. Toss in the leftover meat.IMG_7991
  5. Stir all the ingredients.  At this point you could put a lid on your skillet and leave the hash for 30 or so minutes (I had to to wait for my husband to be ready to sit down..he was putting something together for our grandson’s birthday…shhh).
  6. If you’ve paused the cooking, turn the burner back on to medium, take off the lid, and continue frying and stirring until the potatoes are evenly browned, crisp on the outside, soft in the center.IMG_7993

Traditionally hash is served with a nice runny fried or poached egg.  My husband doesn’t much care for eggs in general and really doesn’t like fried or poached eggs at all.  With a nod toward traditional hash, he suggested some scramble eggs on the side.  Which worked just fine!IMG_7996

The only downside to this recipe is one needs some LEFTOVER smoked Boston butt pulled pork.  And that’s not something easily obtained at the local supermarket!  The smoked/grilled meat added something extra and truly delicious.  Maybe throw an extra steak or chop on specifically for hash.  Delicious!


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