“…the harvest that is sleeping…” *

Those that follow this blog in any way know that Collingswood Farmers’ Market is my food source from the beginning of May until the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Every Saturday morning, regardless of the weather, I head over to see what’s new and exciting. I drive the fifteen minutes to get my weekly supplies.  The only groceries I buy from an actual supermarket are Greek yogurt and milk.

After a long, strange winter…extended bitter cold…three Nor’easters in two weeks…snow in December and snow in April…the first day of the market is nearly here.  I will gather my reusable bags.  I will bring my collapsible wagon up from the basement and put it in my car.  I will get up before seven on Saturday mornings to get to the market by the ringing of the opening bell.  And I will delight in all the wonderful foods and crops laid out for purchase.

My daughters and I go to the market together to shop for our respective families.  We meet there.  More room in our vehicles for our prizes.

As this winter has been unusually hard and the Spring has been unusually cold, I will look for spring fruits and vegetables and will be surprised to find much or any.  Perhaps asparagus.  A girl can dream.  Not much chance of strawberries.  Soon I know.

But the market has so much more to offer.  There is music.  There are freshly made quesadillas.  There are apple cider donuts.  There are pies.  Coffee.  Breads.  Popcorn.  Grass fed and pasture raised bison, beef, pork, lamb, chicken.  And more.

I will start at one end, like always, and stroll the path between displays.  I will be delighted by all the different items on offer.  Particularly, my husband is looking forward to Wild Flour Bakery’s oatmeal raisin cookies and I am looking forward to their sour dough bread (makes the best grilled cheese).  Oh, and those little knot rolls and bagels from Amber Grain.

And if the Constellation Collective ladies are there…who knows what I might bring home…quiche, biscuits, cookies?

I do hope Villa Barone restaurant will be there selling their pasta, sauces, and fresh mozzarella cheese.  I’ve waited all winter!

Maybe Les Viereck (or Springdale, or A.T. Buzby or Fruitwood Farms) will have asparagus.  I’ve been known to buy it from more than one farmer!  I will definitely buy eggs from DanLynn Organic (those little green chicken eggs  that nestle with the brown ones are especially delicious).

This year my husband has asked for some apple wood from Schober’s orchard.  No apples or peaches yet…but beautiful wood.  He wants to use it in his smoker.  And I’ll have to get some of their Apple Butter Barbecue Sauce.

Mushrooms!!! I can’t wait! Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms are fresh and so delicious and the varieties are definitely exotic.

I’m hoping for micro-greens too.  Indogrow Farms offers the freshest and tastiest green.  Some to put on a sandwich would help us all to welcome Spring.

There will be plants aplenty.  The farmers bring their extra plants….tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and herbs….lots of beautiful herbs! Available at Springdale, A.T. Buzby, Hymer, Savoie, Formisano, DanLynn.

I am hoping for asparagus and I am hoping for strawberries.  I’m not sure either will be ready for sale yet.  But what I would love is to find some beautiful spring lettuce.  I have a few places to look…Springdale, Flaim, Savoie, DanLynn, Formisano.  Lettuce.  Sweet, tender, Spring lettuce.

If I am lucky enough to find some beautiful new lettuce, I’ve already made a fresh buttermilk and fresh herbs dressing.  Just a light touch for a light salad.


about ten fresh basil leaves
about a tablespoon of fresh dill fronds (the wispy things, pulled off the stem)
about a tablespoon of snipped chives
about six parsley leaves.
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/3 to 1/2 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons of lemon juice (the juice of a medium lemon)
1/2 teaspoon of coarse Kosher salt.IMG_8001


Put all ingredients in a jar with a lid.  Shake.  Refrigerate.

One of the biggest pleasures of shopping the market  is shopping seasonally.  No corn this week.  No field tomatoes.  No blueberries.  But in their time all of our favorites will be at the market.  I can’t wait.




*Title is taken from a quote by Lyndon B. Johnson from his inauguration speech.


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