A jar full of treasures!

Everyone who reads these posts knows that I love my farmers’ market.  Specifically the Collingswood (NJ) Farmers’ Market.  I get there when the opening bell rings and I walk the length of the market buying Jersey fresh produce and other surprises from farmers and local vendors.  When the market is open (May until the Saturday before Thanksgiving) I only go to a local supermarket for milk, yogurt, and bananas.

Nearly every day I eat a salad for lunch.  This week I went on my market treasure hunt with my lunch in mind.  I was searching for something special and I found it all!

I had to babysit for my grandson on Tuesday so I wanted to be sure to have a wholesome lunch waiting.  I particularly wanted to make a jarred salad that would be waiting for me when I got home.  I wanted to have lunch ready ….no cookies while I was thinking about what to make.

So here we go….

I start at the Springdale Farms, Big Shrimp, Our Yards end of the market….so while I stroll the sun is NOT in my eyes.

From Our Yards Farm I bought an Asian cucumber.  Crisp, delicious, sweet, and hold up in a jar in the refrigerator.  First layer finished.   Farmer Julie also had a nice bag of lettuce and other greens.  Then I saw some grape tomatoes and some sweet Tomato Berries at Springdale Farms.  If you have not tried their Tomato Berries you are missing out.  Small, first, sweet.  Sold.  A. T. Buzby had small orange “lunchbox” peppers.  Delightful! Savoie Organic Farm had some white cucumbers.  I love them!  Very sweet.  Hillacres Pride had nice chunks of my favorite cheddar cheese. IMG_6316 Perfect for the middle of my salad jar.  Finally I found I purchased roasted red peppers in olive oil, artichokes in olive oil and fresh, homemade mozzarella cheese from Villa Barone’s stand.

Beautiful stuff!  Treasures all!

So…quite simply…you stack your lunch in a jar.  A couple of hints and you’re ready to go.  First any dressing should be put in the jar first and sit on the bottom. IMG_6305 Second, stack by weight.

You should end with lettuce.  Third, no tomatoes in the jar.  Put tomatoes in the salad when you are ready to eat it.  Jersey tomatoes do not like the inside of a refrigerator.  They get mushy!  Finally seal the jar and put it in the refrigerator.  IMG_6330Mine was in there overnight. My daughter packs her jar and takes it to work to eat.  Simple.  Delicious.  Healthy.  The thing is ALL of the vegetables are great….try different varieties of  fruits and vegetables  from ALL of the farmers and vendors!

Cucumbers – Our Yards, Savoie Organic, Flaim Farms, Formisano Farms, Springdale Farms, Hymer Farms

Tomatoes – Springdale (for the tomato berries), Our Yards, Savoie Organic, Danlynn Organic, Hymer Farm, Vireck Farm, Fruitwood Farm.   (try some from everywhere!)

Cheese – Hillacres Pride, Springdale Farm (mozzarella), Villa Barone (mozzarella)

Peppers – A. T. Buzby, Springdale Farms, Hymer Farm, Flaim Farm, Formisano Farms, Danlynn Organic, Savoie Organic


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