Short rib sauce with fresh pappardelle.

Readers of my blog know that I shop the Collingswood Farmers’ Market.  During the season I need only go to a supermarket for dairy products.  This is a meal made exclusively and totally from products purchased at the market.

This is a meal easy enough for a week night and special enough for company.

Purchase beef short ribs from Hillacres Pride or bison short ribs from Buck Wild Bison.  Purchase red tomato sauce from Villa Barone’s stand (he also has pink sauce…but red is needed here).  Thaw the short ribs and cut them in half.  Dump the red sauce into your slow cooker.  Push the short ribs into the sauce.  Put on the lid and set the machine on low for 8 to 10 hours.  That’s it.  Done.



The rest of the meal is made up of pappardelle noodles (fresh…from Villa Barone), small artisan dinner rolls (fresh…from Villa Barone) with butter (from Hillacres Pride), salad (lettuce from Muth Family Organic Farm and Savoie Organic Farm), tomatoes (from Buzby Farm or Springdale Farm), a ball of fresh mozzarella (from Villa Barone), parmesan cheese (from Villa Barone).

The meat and sauce cook slowly all day.  The noodles cook in minutes as they are fresh. The salad and rolls round out the meal.  This time of year strawberries (Buzby Farms, Muth Family Organic, Fruitwood Farm, Springdale Farm) and ice cream make a marvelous dessert or baked goods from Springdale Farms or Wild Flour Bakery.



Extraordinarily delicious and extremely easy…

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