Parsleyed potatoes

I love potatoes.

When I was a girl potatoes were on every dinner table.  With all the herbs, vegetables, and fruit available at the farmers’ market be sure to buy some potatoes now.  They’re at most of the stands, look for them, and they taste so much better than from the  supermarket

As I shopped the Collingswood Farmers’ Market,  I spotted many places to buy fresh potatoes and I spotted bunches of fresh and beautifully green parsley at Our Yards Farm.  Her table is always so inviting.  I also bought her funny looking but deliciously sweet orange carrots.  Husband likes carrots.  IMG_5925

This week I purchased a small basket of potatoes and a bunch of parsley.  My plan was to make bison short ribs (also a market purchase), beans, carrots, and parsleyed potatoes.  A pretty standard, albeit old-fashioned, meal.  Comfort food if you will.IMG_5898

In another post I give advice on how to cook the bison short ribs.

This is a vegetable post.  And, most specifically, a potato post.

All you need for this heart-warming dish is parsley, potatoes, butter, and salt.  That’s it!

Because I cook for me and my husband…just us two…I try to use some dish/pot saving tricks.  I have recently purchased a large steamer basket.  I like to place the basket in a large pot and steam a variety of vegetables at the same time.  I can control the portions and I can control how much cleanup there is going to be.IMG_5947

Notice the steamer basket is filled with potatoes, yellow beans, and carrots.  They are separated in the basket to keep them separate.  Husband likes carrots, me, not so much.  I like beans, him, not so much.  But who wants to wash three pots?



(In order to preserve the bunch of parsley for use later in the week, I cut off the ends of the stems about a 1/4 of an inch and put the bunch into a vase of water.  A vase of water keeps fresh herbs fresh for over a week…be sure to change the water daily).

1. Scrub the potatoes.
2. Cut out any questionable spots…do not peel.
3.  Cut into equal parts.  (halve a small potato, quarter a medium potato)
4.  Steam potatoes about 10 minutes or until a sharp knife slides into and through the potato easily. (I like to steam my potatoes….cook faster, less heat, drier to make a nice smash)
5.  While the potatoes are steaming, pick leaves off the parsley (no stems please) and rip them into small pieces.

6.  Take potatoes out of the steam.  Toss in butter, parsley leaves, and salt.  With a potato masher or a large spoon…smash the potatoes.  Don’t mash…smash.  Leave some chucks.

And enjoy! (in winter when fresh parsley is scarce dried parsley will do….but fresh is always best!).IMG_5962IMG_5925

Parsley – Our Yards Farm (also available from Flaim Farms and Formisano Farms)
Potatoes – Savoie Organic Farm (also available from Flaim Farms, Formisano Farms, and DanLynn Organic Farm).
Carrots – Our Yards Farm (also available at Flaim Farms, Formisano Farms, and DanLynn Organic Farm)
Yellow beans – Viereck Farms (also available at Springdale Farm, and Savoie Organic Farm).
Butter – Hillacres Pride (the best! But remember it is sweet butter, meaning no salt added so you’ll have to add your own to the potatoes)

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