Frozen strawberries and what to do with them.

Strawberry season in NJ is winding down.  Some farmer’s at the market are already out of berries.  The berries are even looking a little ragged.  And they don’t last very long in the basket.  What to do?

I simply clean, cut, and freeze.  It is a very simple process that allows you to have strawberries all year.

I intend to use mine in the strawberry muffin with the chocolate surprise recipe (previously published).  But you can use them in pancakes, in quick breads, or simply thawed over ice cream or sponge cakes (have you tried the heart shaped sponge cakes from Springdale Farm…delicious…and you can freeze them too and have strawberry shortcakes to celebrate the first snow)!

First I spray washed and cut the strawberries.  Not too small, you can mash them or chop them smaller when you thaw them.  I added just a tiny bit of sugar.  I cleaned and cut 2 quarts and used two tablespoons of organic sugar.  Give the bowl of berries a quick stir.

Spoon the berries into freezer bags in an amount that would be useful for your recipe.  I put about 1 1/2 cups worth in each of my bags.  Then I sealed the bag and stacked them in the freezer.  From two quarts I got six bags of frozen strawberries to be enjoyed all year!

It really is a treat to eat NJ fresh/frozen strawberries with whipped cream in the middle of winter.  And so easy.

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