Spaghetti and pork ricotta meatballs. Oh my.

Ground pork is a light alternative to beef when making meatballs.  Hillacres Pride sells delicious pork at many markets including my market, Collingswood Farmers’ market.

This is a quick and easy dish that everyone loves, including my toddler grandson (he also loves his playroom at our house…the yellow room, upstairs).

This is a dish where jarred sauce is the base and pork meatballs are the star.  Combine a jar of marinara sauce and a pink vodka sauce.  Both are available from the Villa Barone stand at the market.  Put the sauce in a pot and begin a slow simmer.


Last week (and currently) spinach is available from several farmers..A.T. Buzby, Springdale Farms.  Local spinach is almost sweet…sandy, but sweet.  Pull off the leaves and let them soak in a bowl of cold water for about 30 minutes.  Then run each leaf under the tap and let drain.  When the sauce starts to simmer, drop in the spinach leaves and put a lid on the pot.  After ten minutes or so, lift the lid and stir.  The spinach will collapse into the sauce.

Next mix the meatballs.

The ingredients are: 1 pound of ground pork (Hillacres Pride), about 6 ounces ricotta cheese (Hillacres Pride…I like theirs for this purpose because it is a little drier than most), 1 Tablespoon of dried parsley, I Tablespoon of dried green onions (or one fresh one minced), a pinch of granulated roasted garlic (or a tiny pinch of fresh garlic that has been through a press), 1/3 a cup of panko (Japanese breadcrumbs…they are lighter and crunchier that regular bread crumbs), and one egg (optional).

Dump all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with your fingers.  Roll meatballs in your hands. Gently.


Toss them into the pot with the sauce and cover with the lid.  Let them simmer lightly until the meatballs are done.  About 30 to 60 minutes.

Cook your favorite pasta.  Top with sauce and meatballs.    Done!  Delicious!




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